Grana Coffee

As incentive to get everyone out on their bikes before work, Grana Bread Co. has provided enough coffee to get you to work, be it in 'Bonedale, El Jebel, GWS or Basalt. Stop by 4th and Main St. for your complimentary pick-me-up every morning from 7am-9:15am. Tea & Snacks will also be offered! (must be on a bike. Other car-free transporters may be accepted with a good argument :)


Once again we are presenting many free Bike Week T-Shirts daily to participating riders. We will also be offering them for sale at a STEAL of a price!  T-Shirts proudly brought to you by Saturn Printing!

Bike Raffle

This year's 'Bonedale Bike Week' is psyched to give away a brand spankin' new Xtracycle Free Radical Kit, donated by ALOHA MTN CYCLERY , made by XtraCycle Bikes (click on Xtracycle to check out their site!!)! In addition to the Free Radical Extension kit, Aaron Taylor of Bonedale Bike Project has donated a sweet cruiser bike to attach it to &&&&, on top of all THAT, Aloha Mountain Cyclery has offered their expertise to build out & customize this new XtraCycle!  Wow.  Can I just say WOW?

Raffle tickets will be available at each evenings' events as well as our morning coffee & tea station.  Be sure to attend each event to increase your chances of winning!!

                            An Xtracycle WILL change your life.                                  
   This Beauty is R2's SUB (sport-utility bike) - just picture how cool your's will be..........

That's not all...

Look for other amazing & fun prizes at all of the events during Bike Week. And remember, Bike Week events are free to you. A bit of cash in your pocket is encouraged because you will have the opportunity to buy AWESOMELY COOL t-shirts as well as donate to the cause to help keep BBW growing into a bigger & better event each year!                               
Looking forward to seeing you here!