Digital Biking Scavenger Hunt Rules


Meet at Aloha Mountain Cyclery at or before 5:30pm Tues 5/17/11 to sign in & get your list of required stops.

  • Teams of 2 to 6 people (on bikes!)  - ONLY ONE CAMERA PER TEAM  
  • Cameras MUST be digital to streamline judging - BRING APPROPRIATE CORD TO FACILITATE DOWNLOADING INTO JUDGE'S COMPUTER!!!!  or card reader, be sure your camera is charged up & u have plenty of memory space!
  • Each team will have a designated "object" or "mascot" that must appear in each photo.  Bring an object from home for your team - we will have a few for those who fail, I mean forget. (ie: stuffed animal, transformer, plastic dinosaur, hot-wheels car, barbie doll, BE CREATIVE!)
  • Your team can collect photos of the required stops in any order your team sees fit, but must be completed by 7:45pm.  You will need to meet back at Aloha Mtn. Cyclery with your "check-off" sheet & camera.  Be sure to write your team's name & it's members' names & phone number / email addresses on it.
Prizes will be awarded for:
  1. Fastest completion of ALL required stops
  2. Most bonus points completed (in ADDITION to ALL required stops)
  3. Best team costumes
  4. Most artistic photo composition (completely subjective :-)

PLEASE try to EMAIL US at ahead of time to sign your team up.  You may also sign up at free morning coffee or any of our other nightly events. Print these rules for your reference.